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X-Acto is a brand name for a variety of cutting tools and office products owned by Elmer's Products, Inc. Cutting tools include hobby and utility knives, saws, carving tools and many small-scale precision knives used for crafts and other applications.

A customer mentioned, "Even during the first use, the blade kept falling. I was just cutting a cake cardboard circle. At first, I thought maybe the X-Acto knife wasn't properly assembled and so the blade was not properly secured. After every adjustment possible, the blade kept on falling from the notch, while cutting. The blade does not even stay attached, for 10 seconds while in use. I had to hold the loose blade in my hand to finish cutting the thin cardboard. NOT SAFE. The "safety" cap is a joke. While you close it with the blade parallel with the cap, it is loose enough to fall down (When you hold the 'pen' upside down, the cap falls off as if it was simply placed on the top.). So, you need to adjust it so the blade and the cap are at an angle. This way the cap becomes secure so it does not fall BUT the blade gets stuck in the cap unless you are lucky it comes out of the cap. Zero star review is not an option, $5 lost."


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Laborer (Former Employee) says

"the people that work there are not nice and did not learn not much there"

Punch Press Operator (Current Employee) says

"I like working first shift, the work is easy, i keep to myself and do my job. Devoloped different skills."

Pressure Tester& Media Blaster (Former Employee) says

"They have three or four young kids running or think they run the show. That are looking for anything they can do to get a person in trouble with management, with the goal being to get you fired because they are a bunch of brown nose's. Because management turns a blind eye to the whole situation by ignoring, or the problem is even occurring."

Warper Spare Hand/ Operater (Former Employee) says

"i operated and maintained warper machine. A warp machine is used in textile manufacturing to prepare the thread for the weaving of the product. They manufactured a glass thread used in multiple applications such as computer circuit boards, fiberglass wire and hose covering to name a few. The hardest part of my job was the management that ran the facility. They refused to spend money on necessary maintenance which in turn forced us to produce a lower quality product. For example the delicate glass thread needed a certain humidity to properly prepare it for the weaving process, when our chiller broke down instead of properly fixing it they used poor repairs to save money. In those conditions it was near impossible to achieve the desired yardage and thread count in a timely manner. There was no advancement opportunities and in the time i worked there raises were near non existent. I enjoyed the actual process of turning glass marbles into a woven fabric. It was a very interesting process which is what makes the product better than any other process to achieve the same result. In fact it is the only company that can produce what is referred to as "flat glass". I found it to be a unique and interesting product.relaxed work environment, friendly co-workers, free coffee, totally unique processinefficient maintenance of equipment, inexperienced management, very little room for advancement, unwilling to cross train with different departments."

Technician (Former Employee) says

"I learned to to correctly over several process threw out the production line, Chemical handeling/storage and inventory."

Lead Person (Current Employee) says

"Try to keep things moving through the shop in a timely manner. I have learned things can change by the minute based on what a customers needs are. Upper management doesn't communicate well with others and is not always understanding when the outcome isn't to his/her liking. Co-workers don't always agree with management and don't like change. When things go wrong and happen when it's beyond any persons control. Working with people who like to learn and be trained on how to do things the right way.Steady workHired at will"

Final Inspector (Former Employee) says

"My job was to check over copper boards and make sure any flaws were cleaned out by using a x-acto knife, flaws such as copper chips, tails that would and could cause a short. I learned an eye for detail, perfection. Got along with almost everyone, to be honest, 1 person did not myself or working in my room, so there was an attitude, she did not like being told what to do. Worst part of my job, lifting, twisting and the use of the knife has taken a toll on my body"

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